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Alkaline Hydrogen Water Bottle (Dr. Alkastone)

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Start your day healthy


Free oxygen radicals can potentially cause aging and many types of cancers. Dr Alkastone Hydrogen Water Bottle converts regular drinking water into hydrogen and alkaline water, which is high in minerals and helps to remove free oxygen radicals. Start your day healthy by drinking hydrogen and alkaline water! 


Healthy Benefits

• Better nutrient absorption

• Increases blood circulation

• Reduces aging for healthy looking skin

• Detoxifies your body

• Helps to maintain/regain optimal blood pressure

• Helps to reduce headaches, arthritic symptoms and other chronic illness symptoms

About the product

·         Metabolism and immunity booster, weight loss stimulation, skin improvement, prevention of chronic diseases, increased vitality, removal of toxic substances from your body

·         Increases PH water balance to the optimum level, enriches water with 8 minerals, cleans water from harmful impurities, ionizes water

·         Made of environment-friendly TRITAN material: durable transparent material used in the manufacture of children's utensils, replaceable mineral filter - 16 natural components that enrich and purify water. BPA, BPS and other bisphenols FREE. TRITAN is free of any estrogenic and androgenic activity (EA-free).

·         Silicone sleeve grip: pleasant to touch silicone coating prevents slipping out of hands, cover lock is opened by pressing the button - thanks to the silicone gasket and the lock, water does not spill, convenient to use with one hand only. Wrist band is detachable.

·         Sophisticated, modern design and newest technology by the leading Korean scientists and academics

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