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A & M Treasure Life Zero Sugar Syrup (400g)

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Treasure Life Syrup Low Calorie Sweetening Solution is specifically designed and processed for use in both the beverages & food application recipe or ingredient for in which Treasure Life characteristic can replace corn syrup’s major role in maintaining sweetness profile.

It has superior taste profile, syrup viscosity, good flavour carrier functionality (SFCTM), LOW Calories, NO Artificial colouring and NO Artificial flavouring and is suitable for health and weight conscious consumers.

Through A&M’s proprietary technologies and processes, Treasure Life has developed great-tasting, high-quality, liquid sweetener products that can help reduce sugar and calories in mainstream foods and beverages.

Advantages of Treasure Life Syrup?


✔ Reduced Calories (Zero Calories per serving of 2.5g)

✔ Flavour Carrier Functionality (SFCTM) making the food and beverages taste better

✔ Can caramelize like traditional sugar syrup

✔ Heat stable makes it ideal in manufacturing

✔ Stable pH makes it compatible with all ingredients

✔ Similar to sugar syrup in physical appearance and ease of handling requires no changes to the manufacturing

✔ Ideal as a complete or partial replacement for sugar and other sweeteners

Nutrional Information(per 100 g)Per Serving (23 g)
Energy (kCal & kJ)496 kCal114 kCal
Fat25.3 g5.8 g
Carbohydrate63.5 g14.6 g
Protein3.7 g0.9 g
Total Sugars13.2 g3.0 g


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